"Il est un lieu étrange et fascinant : le rivage."


There is a strange and fascinating place : the shore. A meeting. Between land and sea. An outline. Undefined. A focus too. Towards the horizon. Between us and the horizon, the huge mass of water, the madness of our planet, the ocean… Beyond sight.
It is here that the seabird lives, emblematically the seagull, but seabird is more pleasing to the French ear.
Here we hear her call, laughing and singing. But not only here …
Offshore, she announces. Her presence delights, reassure: land, land ! We’re safe ! We’re arriving !
Inland too she follows or leads men, barges… as far as the city where she sometimes settles. And when we hear her, she inevitably reminds us of the sea, and takes us back there.
It is a homecoming… like listening to distant music from our adolesence which gives us wings, protects, and creates inside us this space-defying-time, this inner home, where, at peace, we are no longer vulnerable, where we are sure of the great things that we’ll do, that we hope to accomplish.
Sometimes alone, sometimes not, it seems there are no rules. She doesn’t seem to have predators, has everything she needs. It seems like she is mocking, jeering – but no ; she’s laughing ! She is shaving the time of her life ! And she’s gliding… ho… how she’s gliding, friend of the wind, free, she’s singing, she’s calling, she’s so alive.

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