"Il est un lieu étrange et fascinant : le rivage."


There is a strange and fascinating place : the shore. A meeting. Between land and sea. An outline. Undefined. A focus too. Towards the horizon. Between us and the horizon, the huge mass of water, the madness of our planet, the ocean… Beyond sight.

It is here that the seabird lives, emblematically the seagull, but seabird is more pleasing to the French ear.
Here we hear her call, laughing and singing. But not only here …
Offshore, she announces. Her presence delights, reassure: land, land ! We’re safe ! We’re arriving !
Inland too she follows or leads men, barges… as far as the city where she sometimes settles. And when we hear her, she inevitably reminds us of the sea, and takes us back there.
It is a homecoming… like listening to distant music from our adolesence which gives us wings, protects, and creates inside us this space-defying-time, this inner home, where, at peace, we are no longer vulnerable, where we are sure of the great things that we’ll do, that we hope to accomplish.

Sometimes alone, sometimes not, it seems there are no rules. She doesn’t seem to have predators, has everything she needs. It seems like she is mocking, jeering – but no ; she’s laughing ! She is shaving the time of her life ! And she’s gliding… ho… how she’s gliding, friend of the wind, free, she’s singing, she’s calling, she’s so alive.


C* started to study drama very early, and has made a living from her passion since the beginning, absorbing many different techniques and styles, on stage or screen, experiences ranging from the astounding to the epic. Until this beautiful gift of life : The Molière 2015 – Category Best Subsidised Work, a collective award for « Les Coquelicots des Tranchées » directed by Xavier Lemaire.

Her voice is well-known in France : She dubs Meredith Grey in « Grey’s Anatomy », Sienna Miller, and many others actresses, but also cartoon characters in recent successes : Alex and Mandy in « Totally Spies », because when you change your voice, you can become who or what you want, tell so much. Even more when singing your own lyrics and melodies. Singing was her first vocation, a calling that couldn’t be ignored.

It was Boris Bergman’s Rock Opéra La Nuit du Ratin 2006 in which Céline played the part of Chloratis that triggered the transition towards and deep commitment to a vocal rite of passage… of trying to find her voice, little by little…of finding that juxtaposition of singing and playing the guitar; of marrying the vertical with the horizontal. Céline’s work is the fruit of a patient, persistent learning process bolstered by an ardent inner need to express herself. She wanted to be free to sing and also to be at one with an instrument at the same time and so she decided to study guitar with Michel Petow.

A few years and over 60 pop/folk covers later, Céline turned to writing and composing. After her first album, « And I become… » together with a very promising live show she cut the apron strings, met Manu, a gem of a musician and together they are now developing a new concert format that will also give a sneaky peek of some of the tracks from a new album that is underway.



Manu discovered his love for music very young, he first, taught himself the French « chanson » repertoire on guitar before moving on to rock classics.At 14, he was accepted at The Cergy School of Music where he was taught guitar, bass and drums. He played with several rock/funk bands, especially with Stéphane Edouard (Jonasz, Sixun, Ben l’oncle Soul, Youn Soul Na..) who gave him the opportunity to do his first stage appearances. He then deepened his musical knowledge, aligning practice with theory by taking a two-year Musicology degree at Paris VIII University. In 2002, after studying jazz with artists such as Christophe Wallemme, Patrick Fradet, Eric Fischer at the « EDIM » (School of Contemporary Music) in Cachan, he obtained his FNEIJ certificate. (National Federation of Jazz Schools).

Drawn to composition, arrangement and sound engineering, he realised or participated in the recording of several albums from jazz fusion, French « chanson » and folk to rock, musical theatre and even music from Senegal (Magdool, Zetlab, Bertjeff, Kasba, S’évader by Gérard Berliner, Nash, Garmi Faal, Chicago, Et Maxence, Attendu
As a sound engineer, he recorded the percussion for Stéphane Edouard on several albums including Palabre by Sixun.

As a guitarist, he has accompanied Magdool, Zetlab, Gérard Berliner, Bertjeff, Yemanjazz (music from Brazil, with Caio Mamberti, Tania Maria’s drummer and percussionist on Stevie Wonder’s 2010 tour), Nash, Miss Dominique, Sugar Lab…

Most recently, he has started playing the saxophone. As you can see, Manu likes to keep himself busy !

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