« And I become »… is about the beginnings and ends of love stories, the unfathomable gulf of separation, of pointless endeavour, of imperious estrangement but also of the unexpected that fulfills and of time that heals, whereupon the past is no longer a burden; rather it informs and transforms leading us to reconciliation and to gratitude.
The title of this 6-track album is rather appropriate as it sums up the genesis of Laughing Seabird, the story of which is told in the « About » section.

As well as C*, singer-songwriter and guitarist, the following talented artists have also played on this album :

Michel Peteau taught C* guitar. A few years ago, whilst they were concocting « And I become… », he left for Liverpool to visit the city of his idols. On his ticket to ride, the English spelt his name the only way they knew how: phonetically. The joke took root and for Laughing Seabird he became… Michel Petow.

MICHEL PETOW   Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Musical Arrangements

Michel Petow is a self-taught guitarist, and a singular producer. When still young he was caught up in the spiral of psychedelic rock. He worked through the 70s with « Cheval Fou », a trio both radical and powerful. During the 80s, new avenues took him to the top of the French charts, thanks to the irresistible hits of his rebellious duo « La fiancée du Pirate ». The years spent in the Top 50 years are coloured with the same fervour (and the same guitar : his faithful Jaguar) as those spent with all the 70s maniacs.

After that, he settled down as a producer, accompanying innumerable artists (From Elie Medeiros to Buzy) on his guitar. During the 2000s, he became Michel Moi and gave birth to his most personal project.

Today he directs Studio Panorama in Paris bathing enthusiastically in the art of vintage. Michel shares his time between his new band « SuperBravo » and producing friends’ projects. Laughing Seabird is one of the tasty fruits, grown with love in this place… Enjoy !


 Drummer with Touré Kunda, Palatas Singer, Miss Dominique and Joseph Leon, Jeremy Nattagh literally fell into the music pot when he was a child. Multi-insrtrumentalist with a classical schooling, with later inroads into jazz and modern music, over a period of years his enthousiasm and curiosity brought him to the shore of many different styles, including gospel and African music.

His appearances on air for Radio France, MCM and Arte, are always a source of revival and new sounds.
More recently, Jeremy had an unexpected and decisive meeting with… the handpan, and its bewitching sonorities. He became one of the most respected ambassadors of this instrument whose possibilities he has already explored in four different albums. Captivated by the world of sound, he has been artistic director and sound engineer for international artists, and has set up several recording studios. The last one, Cosmic Sound Studio harboured the drum sessions for the EP And I become. His first loves as a drummer, pop, folk and rock, bring the sober and syncopated touch found in Laughing Seabird’s compositions.

CACAU DE QUEIROZ   Tenor Sax, Flute

 Cacau de Queiroz first appeared on stage with Baden Powell, in Rio. Since then, he has played with Dorival Caymmi, Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Morais, Edu Lobo, Gal Costa and Hermeto Pascoal, and taken part in festivals such as Montreux and Tokyo, with Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie and Chick Corea. He also performs with the singer Elie Medeiros, for whom he produces musical arrangements, for exemple « Toi mon toi », « Bom bom » and « Calypso ».

He has collaborated with Tania Maria, and the saxophonist Manu Dibango. He plays with several orchestras, (Claude Bolling, Gerard Badini…), as a lead sax, in the company of Diane Shure and Johnny Griffin. He is a part-time member of Dee Dee Bridgewater’s big band, and also Michel Legrand’s, with whom he performed at Carnegie Hall in N.Y. His first solo album is « Brasi do Ferro e Corda » with Baden Powell contributing. He has performed with his band on many cultural occasions, (Calvi and Evreux Festival, the New Morning, Reims, and many Jazz Clubs in France). For a number of years, he has presented Brazilian music workshops at Parisian schools I.A.C.P. and ARPEJ.