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The seashore is a strange and fascinating place : A meeting between land and sea. It is here that the seabird lives. It is here that we hear her call, her laughing song…

Inland too she inevitably reminds us of the sea, takes us back there… like listening once more to certain defining tunes from our adolescence that transport us to a space-defying-time, a reassuring personal inner space where we are sure of the great things we can accomplish. Sound and music have this power.

Offshore, she proclaims: Land ahoy! We’re safe ! We’re almost there! And her presence delights…

Laughing Seabird’s music recalls these experiences which give us wings, individually or as a group. Travelling, steeping oneself in a lasting, stirring energy.

The result of a patient, uncompromising learning process and a strong inner need, Céline’s  work has become a personal challenge, a salve, and, an inevitable call. It is about healing, about breaking away from what is familiar, about provoking the unknown, and about shedding our learned behaviours. To create ourselves in other ways and to open the doors of our perceptions to attain… Transformation.

Céline and Manu (Emmanuel Heyner) found they have much to draw them together both being fans of The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, Peter Gabriel and Sting since their teenage years.

Their artistic collaboration is inspired by other sources too: notably by Celtic influences, an integral part of Céline’s identity coming as she does from Brittany with her love for this culture that brings all generations together in moments of liberating communion.

With this second album, Laughing Seabird stays faithful to her elegant, enchanting and energising folk-pop: arrangements often with Celtic and Floydian influences, instantly hummable melodies and vocals that can be full, expressive, gentle or powerful.
Whether in French or English, the poetry of her pragmatic or bewitching lyrics invites us to embrace our vulnerabilities and see them instead as potential strengths and driving forces to our desires. We will never be invincible but within ourselves we can become indivisible, unified.
Welcome to The Transformation Place!


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Welcome to
The Transformation Place !

New album
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