With this second album, Laughing Seabird stays faithful to her elegant, enchanting and energising folk-pop: arrangements often with Celtic and Floydian influences, instantly hummable melodies and vocals that can be full, expressive, gentle or powerful.
Whether in French or English, the poetry of her pragmatic or bewitching lyrics invites us to embrace our vulnerabilities and see them instead as potential strengths and driving forces to our desires. We will never be invincible but within ourselves we can become indivisible, unified. Welcome to The Transformation Place!

laughing seabird cd

And I become… is about the beginnings and ends of love stories, the unfathomable gulf of separation, of pointless endeavour, of imperious estrangement but also of the unexpected that fulfills and of time that heals, whereupon the past is no longer a burden; rather it informs and transforms leading us to reconciliation and to gratitude.

The title of this 6-track album is rather appropriate as it shapes the genesis of Laughing Seabird and the creation of  two music videos : MyShell and Stay Away.

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