The Trilogy

I Feel Fat deals with the inadequacies that we try to alleviate, the rationales that do not soothe and that box us up into even more inhibitions, dependencies and learned helplessness. It all starts with recognising this, so that we can really allow ourselves to live…

…Then Vivre (No Way Back), living, being alive, not closed off or holding our breath. Living is a one-way street, so, once we’ve said that…(there’s no way back). No need to make a big fuss about it, but a commitment. Let’s conjure away our inculcated beliefs, cultivate enthusiasm and passion, however modest, and welcome whatever setbacks as doors that open towards…

The Transformation Place: The place where the horizon of what we thought possible recedes. It is as much to travel through as to conquer, for the goal is the actual path taken. Within each of us, before words form but also with them, lies an unseen treasure, an entire cavern where new images live that are not shadows.

Here we’re flying high…with a little trip back to the 1970s and a dose of psychedelia to help us open the doors of our perceptions but there’s no question of our falling asleep on the job: whatever the cost, because nothing comes from nothing, let’s not let go of our goals since small underground transformations are sure to lead to big ones. If we take a step back, the world is not what it seems, after all, we are only the sum of our perceptions…Open up, delve, refine, don’t trust first impressions: there are so many levels to visit, so many inner journeys to make !


Soft, gentle vocals, an uplifting guitar with Hispanic overtones, steady drums and reassuring strings; all that’s needed to relate that “Vivre” is a one-way street because… once started there is no way back! No need to make a big fuss about it, but a commitment. From small steps great roads are made so go, go, go, you don’t have to do anything, you don’t need to do anything; May you nurture who you are, instigate this simple and sublime chance: To be passionate about life and, very simply, feel the joy it brings. We will never be invincible but within ourselves we can become indivisible, unified.


With lush strings, a touch of country and an Irish folk feel set in the Far West, Laughing Seabird tackles here a sensation shared by many women feeling the pressure of media images. A sensation shared by us all in that “filling ourselves up” to fill an emotional or spiritual void points to a more general feeling of discontent – of there being too much of everything! Too much consumerism and too many sollicitations for us to conform to the zeitgeist. Following the crowd, being the right fit for society’s corset ultimately doesn’t satisfy us and ends up choking us. It’s up to us not to be taken in and to work towards what makes us feel good and what’s best for us!

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